A team with an eye for design and detail

IT Infrastructure Design

We all know that a robust, thoroughly planned IT infrastructure is the backbone of any business. To ensure sustained delivery, such an infrastructure design requires the consideration of essential elements like a well-thought-of business objective, business demand and business plan.

The Infrastructure Design team at Cherrylabs considers all these factors and a lot more that come into play, simulates the challenges your business might face and even foresees what you might need when your business progresses. In other words, IT infrastructure that fetches tangible results for your business.

Cherrylabs considers the following while designing you IT infrastructure

  • Enterprise Network Architecture (LAN & WAN)

  • Servers & storage design

  • Enterprise IP Address planning

  • IT Infrastructure security design

  • Data Center Non-IT design

  • Backup Policy & Design

  • DR policy & Design

  • Infrastructure application design (LDAP/DNS/Email etc)

We also oversee implementation as per the design and take responsibility of user acceptance test to ensure that the implementation done is based on the plan. Once the design is complete, we provide a bill of material or RFP document to the customer to procure the infrastructure from the respective OEM/SI.