Making your IT investments work hard for you

IT Optimization

Cherrylabs Optimization Services or in other words, making the most of your IT investments is unique the way it is delivered. Our specifically designed tools will help you derive the maximum out of your IT infrastructure, applications and service management.

This service comprises of identifying gaps with respect to demand and utilizations, delivering optimization recommendations as well as providing professional support during the optimization enablement phase.

Here’s what it means to your business:

  • Improved performance, availability, resilience and visibility of your network and IT services

  • Enhancing your network and IT infrastructure’s capability to effectively manage change

  • Empowering your support environment to be self-sufficient

  • Reduced operating costs and improved ROI

  • Reduced risks that can compromise the privacy and security of data

Our service capabilities include:

  • IT Infrastructure Optimization

  • Data center server & storage optimization

  • Collaboration Optimization

  • Network Optimization (LAN/WAN)

  • Security Optimization

  • WLAN Optimization

  • Operation Management Optimization

  • Service Management Optimization

The process:

With over 15 years of experience in consulting for the country’s IT majors, the experts at Cherrylabs have always been at the forefront when it comes to optimization services. Over the years, our team has successfully channeled the experience and resources into creating path-breaking tools.

Cherrylabs Monitoring Platform is one such tool that gathers valuable data from the host environment. The data collected helps our experts assess processes like application performance, deliver feedback and avail the service of Cherrylabs Application Load Testing for performance related matters, based on the requirements of the organizations.