Migration to the Cloud was never this easy

Cloud Migration

Today’s enterprises have various applications with different run-time environments, middleware and databases.

The legacy nature of the businesses poses a big challenge to seamless migration. Considering the various challenges involved, Cherrylabs migration strategy is based on the following phases.

1. Assessment phase

  • Assess the application working on WAN

  • Application supportability on cloud

  • Assessment of as-is end user experience

  • Test end user experience w.r.t cloud

  • Set the user expectation on cloud based on end user experience

  • Document all the users experience

2. Planning phase

  • Validation work load inventory

  • Validation of source & destination infrastructure

  • Determining migration strategy

  • Planning on users authentication & authorization strategy for end users

  • Planning of DNS & other support infra service availability

3. Pre-migration

  • Migration infrastructure & tool readiness

  • Benchmark the migration

  • Testing of network, storage & VM

4. Migration phase

  • Pilot migration

  • Workload migration

  • User acceptance testing/test the end user experience

  • Validate the end user experience

5. Production handover

  • Handover the application to production

  • Documentation on backup strategy