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Service Engineering

Cherrylabs Service Engineering is the systematic design of IT business services or support/operation services that are based on tried-and-tested industry processes and frameworks. In fact, we assist organizations in developing an efficient and sustained Service Delivery environment to meet their internal and external client- service level expectations.

Our Systematic Service Design helps organizations to identify and arrest duplicate elements that lead to cost optimization, bring maturity to the operations by applying technology advantages, convert Service Operations into self-sufficient processes, rather than be person-dependent as well as understand the RISK and RISK Mitigation.

The following are the processes involved:

  • Business study/Requirement understanding

  • Idea maturity workshops/brainstorming

Service Design (Develop Service Design package)

Service Catalog Enablement

  • Skills Recommendation

  • Process Design - Transition, Operation and CSI Process

  • Operations Centre Design (DC, Hardware, Software,Network & Security and Tools)