Because security issues shouldn’t come in between you and your supplier

Supplier Security Assessment

All organizations engage and collaborate with suppliers or outsourced service providers for their various business processes.

Cherrylabs Supplier Security Assessment service helps companies conduct security assessments on these operations in order to minimize risk in their supply chain as well as help them make informed decisions with accurate knowledge on the security posture of the suppliers/service providers.

Cherrylabs Supplier Security Assessment Methodology:

  • Understand business and compliance requirements

  • Understand the client's relationships with vendors/outsourced service provider

  • Security questionnaire based risk assessment

  • Perform Infosec and physical security reviews (Onsite and offsite model) of your vendors/outsourced service provider.

  • Assess security posture of your vendors/outsourced service provider in the light of ISO 27002, CSA and industry best practices

  • Vendor/outsourced service provider Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment (As a separate service)

  • Create Vendors/outsourced service provider security report for management and other stakeholders

  • Vendors/outsourced service provider issue tracking and reporting (As a separate service)