Say adios to conventional customer grievance systems


Customer Support System on Cloud

One of the most important parts of a business is to engage with your customers on regular basis and be with them when they are in trouble. Of course, none of us wants to create a trouble, but it happens – in a natural way.

ASISTA is a Customer Support Platform available as pay-as-you-use model on Cloud – Yes, it's that simple to define ASISTA. Yet it is elegant enough to meet your business requirement and keep your customers happy. Scroll down to see as what ASISTA can do for you..

Business Process Flow


Your customers (could be internal or external customers) issues are captured and are carefully handled till the closure of the issue. Every issue is uniquely handled by the ticket management system.

Anonymous ticket creation with secured Captcha
Customisable Ticket States & Priorities
Create and Manage your own Support Types – Like Sales, Support, Enquiry, FAQ
Customisable Dashboard for Agents, Supervisor, Manager & HelpDesk
Customisable Support Teams
Automatic email notifications
Add Public and Private notes to tickets
HTML Text formatting
Customisable Ticket Fields
Customisable Ticket Form

Business process for every customer is unique, ASISTA Business process workflow automation lets you to automate your own business process with the help of easy to use user interface.

Create Multiple Business Process workflows as per your requirement
Attach your business process to different ticket types. For Ex: An exclusive process for Electronics and a different one for Apparels.
Customised states and its flow for each business process


Customer's choice of raising the issues varies based on where they are and what gadgets (like mobile phone, laptop etc) they use. ASISTA gives your customers the flexibility of letting them to choose a convenient way to raise their queries and concerns.

Web channel
Email based ticketing
Facebook Channel
Twitter Channel

An agents productivity is best utilised when they are assigned with the right task. ASISTA can help here, by automating many of the manual (mundane) tasks including assignment of the ticket and manipulation of ticket based on events like moving ticket to specific agent or changing the state of the ticket based on events like change in ticket states or ticket forwarded to another agent, etc.

Automatic ticket assignment using customisable Ticket Dispatch Rules
Global / Default Assignment Rules bundled with product
Fully Customisable Rules for automated action on specific events
Automatic ticket assignment within group (Round robin or specific agent)
Automated ticket allotment to Help-desk Team for help desk to manually manage the ticket (optional)


Information is a key asset to any organisation, which if shared appropriately can bring immense efficiency in their operations. Making the relevant information available to customers also helps customers to get quick resolution of issue or need.Knowledge base helps you to do this in a systematic way.

Create Knowledge base Topics and Documents – like Manuals, FAQ or any Titles as you wish
Restrict specific article to Anonymous users i.e. Public / Authenticate users

Keep your customers informed about the progress of their issue which they have raised on your support portal. In ASISTA there are variety of ways by which you can inform your customers and of course with your own style.

Fully Customisable Notification Messages
Multi Channel Notifications
Role Specific Customisation Messages


In many organisation, asset is the primary component that are vulnerable to issues/damage (For Ex: My Laptop, Software, Utilities etc.). ASISTA comes with rich asset enrichment system that helps you to carryout intelligent tasks based on asset.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Ownership to Specific users
Asset Based Ticket Management – Write Automations rules based on Asset
Full customisable Asset fields

Is security a key concern to your organisation? Of course we are more concerned than you, since we value your data, we wanted to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure that our brand value is undamaged. We have taken all necessary steps to ensure your data is secured while in transit and on rest. Your data is completely segregated for protection. This is not the end; we keep striving to make the security even better.

Single Sign On
SSL Encrypted
Encrypted Data storage for critical and confidential data


Obviously you would like to know many aspects of your support system like how the customers are affected and how the agents are performing and would they need any more help – ASISTA Reports can help you to understand your support efficiency.

Help Center Performance Report
Agent Productivity Report
Scheduled Reports
Export reports – pdf & csv

With a very little effort you can customise ASISTA to enhance its online appeal and provide satisfying customer experience.

Global Time zone and Users specific time-zones
Support Portal Customization - including Color, Logo, Title and Welcome message

Say adios to conventional customer grievance systems

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