Make sure your data is always in safe hands

Disaster Recovery On Cloud (DR on Cloud)

Your business means the world to you. And you would never want it coming crashing down on you, one fine day. Leave no space for ‘oops’ with Cherrylabs Cloud Disaster Recovery that’ll keep your business running as usual by keeping your valuable data intact, in case of a mishap.

This Cloud based business recovery solution is built on a tried-and-tested technology platform that has performed and yielded outstanding results in numerous sectors. Also, it’s designed to adapt to specific customer environments and challenges, while complying with global enterprise regulatory requirements.

In short, what it means to your business:

  • Cost-efficient

  • Tailor-made for your business

  • Your valuable data always in safe hands

  • No on-premise capital infrastructure required

  • Business Continuity Dashboard for status on the recovery process