Keep your business processes in your sight, at all times

Monitoring as a Service on Cloud (MaaS)

A comprehensive way to keep an eye on your business processes round-the-clock.

Cherrylabs Monitoring-as-a-Service is a unified, enterprise-grade monitoring platform that’s delivered through a fully managed Cloud service. It can efficiently manage today’s enterprise IT landscape spanning servers, applications as well as transaction monitoring. The upside is, it rolls function and technology specific tools like server monitoring and application monitoring, all into one.

Here’s how it benefits your business:

  • Application and Database Monitoring

  • It offers dedicated service monitors and metrics for database management and application servers

  • Transaction Monitoring

  • This helps you record your web transactions without scripting

  • Business Service Monitoring

  • Now bring together all your service monitors that represent your organization’s functions, into one

  • Network Performance Monitoring

  • Compile performance and configuration data from all your networking hardware like routers, switches, firewalls and SAN infrastructure

  • Physical Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor a wide variety of performance, resource and system-health metrics right down to the process level across all platforms

  • Virtualization Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor your entire virtual stack, including applications, clusters and hosts, resource pools, virtual networks and storage

  • Cloud Monitoring

  • Cherrylabs MaaS checks on the performance and availability of your Cloud platforms applications and services including Amazon’s EC2, Rackspace and others from within the Cloud itself, providing you with the deep metrics and monitoring your business needs.
    Other functions include alert and escalation services, self-healing actions by reacting to failures automatically, multiple user enablement, requisition for maintenance on demand and VM power state monitoring that avoids unnecessary alerts, but reports mission-critical ones.